Grapple Jump released! And it’s free!

Grapple Jump is now available on Apple’s App Store, and Google’s Play Store! Free to play too! What have you got to lose? Grapple those soft critters, grab powerups and slam the baddies with your helmet, and fling yourself to the surface to avoid certain death!

It’s coming out for Facebook too, just a smidge behind schedule. Another few days and it’ll be ready – no later than the 15th of this month. Leaderboards will be implemented into the Facebook version also, which we feel will add a lot to the game. We’re hoping to have it implemented for the first version – 1.0 – but may have to include it in our first update. Either way though, scores will be saved remotely from the beginning, so when leaderboards do become fully implemented, all previous scores will have been saved, and therefore will be viewable :)

Get it on the Play Store for Android here.

Get it on the App Store for iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch here.


  • Free to play,
  • Game Center global leaderboards – compete with your friends!,
  • Jet packs, springs, and grapple strength boosts to fly you higher,
  • Stationary, moving, and two types of breaking grips,
  • Moving and hovering baddies,
  • Invincibility powerup that not only protects you, but also annihilates any baddies you come in contact with!
  • Destroy enemies using the jetpack and invincibility powerup!
  • Realistic physics,
  • Ad supported, but no ad banners during game play!


Bonus for reading this far:   ^_^


On the left is our first title screen draft, and on the right is our final title screen image. The one on the left looks almost bland compared eh?  lol




Grapple Jump is set for release on the 8th of November!

Hey folks, wanted to let you know where we are with Grapple Jump. We’ve finalized the game, have gotten it approved on the App Store, and now we’ve sent off for reviews at various game review web sites. We’ve also pushed back the release date to the 8th of November (for all platforms). However, Grapple Jump will be available on Facebook, and several other popular game portals – yay!

Short bit of news I know, so I’ll leave ya with some concept art showing:



Grapple Jump coming right soon!


So we’ve been hard at work on our newest title, Grapple Jump, and it’s now just weeks away from launch,  woot!  ^_^   It will be available for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Android devices. It has full HD graphics that even supports the new iPhone 5 resolution! Help this cute hybrid sea critter through his underwater adventure, and escape the rising ocean floor engulfing everything in it’s path. With realistic physics, fling him to the top using his grapple arm and grab the powerups along the way! Check out the trailer at the following link :)

Grapple Jump game trailer



Drift Pool – Rolling out a new update!

Hey folks, we’ve given Drift Pool it’s first update ^_^  Two more levels have been added to the Lite version! (And new levels exclusively for the Full version are coming in the next couple weeks!) Other highlights for this update are optimizations and some bug fixes.
The update is live on the Play Store now, and will be live on the App Store later this week. Check out the updated free version today – what have you got to lose?

NOTE:  App shortcut link may be broken after updating. To resolve this issue, either completely restart your device, or follow these step by step instructions (for HTC devices):

In Settings > Manage Applications > Running > HTC Sense > Force Stop

Full ChangeLog for version 1.1:

  • Added new particle effect for Booster Strip,
  • Continuously looping particle effects (such as floating stars above ball-pockets)will now deactivate as they get a certain distance from the camera, boosting overall performance,
  • Game Center now stores combined level score for each area (stage), one leaderboard for each stage/area. We will be removing individual level score leaderboards in the near future,
  • Added 2 more levels to Lite version,
  • Tweaked physics – balls bounce more realistically off objects,
  • Replaced pool balls with a more optimized model,
  • Stage/area score is now displayed on area select screen,
  • In Lite version, added button on title screen linking to full version on Play Store and App Store,
  • Added Ads to iOS Lite version,
  • Switched Ads for Android from a permanent banner to periodically appearing pop up ads, which increases performance (those banner ads certainly affected performance by times!)
  • Various bug fixes


Drift Pool – Available now on Apple’s App Store!

Drift Pool is out on the App Store now! Even sooner than expected :) It’s the same deal as Android too, cause that’s the way we roll! Lite version is free, and full version is $0.99 CAD/USD. Game Center support! Compete with your friends, and all players on the interweb, for the highest score on the Game Center leaderboards!


Drift Pool – Available now on the Google Play Store!

Drift Pool is released for Android! (And will be coming to Apple’s App Store within a week) It’s easy to play, but hard to master. The full version is available for only 0.99 CAD/USD.

Even after all the grueling play testing and debugging, I still find it satisfying to slam a ball into a pocket with a triple bank shot ~_^

We made this game because we love pool games, and there doesn’t seem to be many pool-related games on the Play Store or App Store. There are a few great straight-up pool games for sure, but none that add a unique twist quite like Drift Pool does.

We really hope you enjoy!




Drift Pool – Next level pool-ing!

Do you like pool? How ’bout mini golf?  Yes? (hopefully ~_^ ) Drift Pool, a combination of billiards and mini golf, takes pool to the next level! Avoid the obstacles, or use them to your advantage, and sink the colored balls in as few shots as you can. This game challenges your pool skills, and tests your knowledge of angles!



We’ve been working very hard on this title for a while now, and has been our single focus for at least the past month, getting it polished and ready for publishing to both iOS and Android at the same time. We plan on giving this game lots of updates, attention, and support – our goal is to make it as fun (yet still challenging) as possible ^_^


Amoeboids! A fun physics based arcade puzzler!


Very excited to introduce to you fine folks, Amoeboids! A cute and colourful 2D Arcade-Puzzle game coming out for Android, iPhone, iPad, and web. Help the adorable amoebas survive in their treacherous prison by tossing, grabbing, and throwing them around, merging them together to create bigger and stronger amoebas, and finally, escaping the clutches of the evil mad scientist wizard!
With cute and colourful graphics, fun and face paced game play, two modes of play to choose from – Survival and Time Attack, and online leaderboards, don’t underestimate Amoeboids addictiveness! ~_^



The good, the bad, and the new

Deeply apologize for our long silence. We kinda don’t have a permanent 3D artist anymore, so recent development for CC has been focused on bug fixes and optimizations. Development may be a bit slower than before, but we are still steadily moving forward!


New ground textures for the Junkyard

CC is continuing to go through its texture overhaul, and I’ve uploaded two screenshots of the Junkyard so far. Updates will unfortunately be fewer, well, fewer than before, but more than now. That is to say, we’ll probably have monthly, instead of weekly, updates until we get a permanent 3D artist.


One of several model updates for the Junkyard

On a hugely lighter note, we’re ready to introduce our new game Amoeboids!


Some new grass textures and some bug fixes later…

Happy weekly update day! Better late than never right? ;) Well pre-beta testing is over for CC and we’ve got lots of positive feedback, some bug reports, and some criticism. Overall a definite success, and we can move forward to the next round of beta testing with confidence.

In terms of development for CC, there has been major adjustments to some grass textures, and a few bugs have been fixed. That’s about it though, as most of my time these past two weeks have been spent working on designs and prototypes for our newest game ^_^ I can’t say anything about it right yet though, but soon!

I’m hoping to upload a video or two of CC game play soon, so don’t be a stranger ~_^ Of course please feel free to leave any questions, comments, or complaints, and have a great weekend!

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